Do Be Do Be Do

Nothing is not everything. It is beyond everything. There is nothing beyond everything. There is nothing outside this text. This text is only something.

Nothing is not even something. It is no-thing. Things can be used, things can be bought. Nothing is useless. It is priceless.

Nothing is free, everything is not free. Economists are used to say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” And they are right. If you don’t pay for it, somebody else will pay for it. Either your friends, your enemies, the restaurant, or some invisible hands, there must be somebody who pays for the cost.

The cost itself is not necessarily money. It can be time, energy, opportunity, and many other things that are not quantifiable by your cute, little brain. When you read this text, for example, you don’t pay me any money. But you’re spending your time and energy reading this instead of doing something else. That something else could be making love, eating your meals, doing your job, playing games, or just getting relaxed doing nothing — hence the opportunity cost.

Winnie the Pooh used to say, “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.” That is quite incorrect. You cannot really do nothing. Nothing is non-doing. If you just sit and do nothing, it’s still something: you are sitting. That’s why I say you cannot meditate, I cannot meditate — meditation is non-doing. Only nobody can do it.

In fact, you can do everything and still be nothing. Doing is everything, being is nothing. So do everything and be nothing. When you be, just be. When you do, just do. Just do it, so be it. As simple as that. Don’t make such a fuss by saying, “Oh, I can’t do this right now, I have to meditate first.” That is nonsense.

Meditation is like breathing. You can’t do anything without it. You can’t do anything without being. It will be like exhaling without inhaling. It is lopsided. It’s choking your neck to the very end.

When you do something, your energy moves out. When you just be, your energy moves in. You are recharged. But people often forget being, because they are too focused in doing. They are too serious. They become very tense. That’s why yoga is needed: breathing in, breathing out. It makes you relaxed.

But now people take yoga seriously too, they become very stupid. They do many strange positions which are sheer doings, unnecessarily. The more difficult the posture is, the more excited they are — their egos are getting bigger.

Doing nothing is just strategy to make you remain unoccupied, because in daily life you are very occupied with mundane things. If you are too focused in doing, then you need to do nothing.

You can sit silently, but don’t think of it as meditation — meditation allows no mind, no thinking at all. And after all, you just do sitting! Everybody can do that. It’s not something special. But it can help you to slowly recognize what you are doing, which is, in this case, merely sitting.

And seeing — if you don’t close your eyes.

And breathing.

If some thoughts pop up, recognize it — recognize your thinking. Because everything that you recognize is not your being. They are merely your doings. Being is the recognizer — the seer, the watcher, the witness.

If you can go on watching your doings, including watching the watching itself, you can forget about doing meditation — you have become the meditation. You have become no-body. Just pure being.

Meditation as an activity is boring. It is stupid thing meant to be done by stupid people. The priests, the monks, the meditators are nobody but idiots.

We are never meant to live as meditators, we are meant to live as ourselves. Farmers have to be farmers, otherwise who grows our foods? Politicians have to be politicians, otherwise who makes our jokes? And writers have to be writers, otherwise who mocks politicians?

So when I said nothing is serious, I meant it. Nothing is serious, and everything is a joke. Just because people don’t watch their own doings, they are unconscious, and they stumble upon each other unnecessarily. Their problems are sheer nonsense, and when they try to solve one, they create ten more. They fuck each other, eat each other, kill each other — all unnecessarily. Even zombies are better than unconscious men. They never prick each other. They only prick unconscious men.

Unconsciousness is kind of funny. In some sense, it is hilarious. It is comedy. But it’s also a tragedy.

Do you remember what Jesus said when he was crucified?

“Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

Again, something unnecessary happened. What’s the point of crucifying Jesus anyway? He was innocent! If the Jews didn’t crucify him, if they just ignored that crackpot, we must be having less religion right now — a little less problem. Humanity would not suffer from Christianity for hundreds of years, unnecessarily.

But the Jews never watched their own doings, their own thinking. They are always considered to be the most genius people in this planet, and yet look what they’ve done. They are too busy thinking. Their minds know almost everything, and miss nothing. They are too serious.

Nothing is serious, but not too serious. You cannot make a joke out of nothing, but you can make many jokes out of everything. And seriously, the world becomes funnier when people lose their sense of humour. Everything is too serious, hence the jokes.

You cannot find everything in nothing, but you can find nothing in everything. Just take something: a rock, a tree, a fruit, an animal, anything. Break it, dissect it, divide it, by and by until you can’t divide it anymore. You will find nothing everywhere.

It is everywhere but it’s not everything — it’s beyond everything. In fact, everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing.

If you, by some chance, can go to quantum realm like the Ant-Man, our modern physicists have discovered that nothing exists in the subatomic level. They say, sub-atomic particles do not exist but rather show “tendencies to exist”. And the atomic events do not occur but rather show “tendencies to occur”.

Now when we count numbers, we always start from one, and two, and three, so on. We never start from zero. Zero is nothing. And yet, it precedes everything. It itself doesn’t exist. It is empty. But it shows tendencies to exist. People tend to be happy to see more zeros figuring their salaries from behind.

Without zero, our maths would be stuck in Middle Ages — when algebra stagnated. There would be no binary numbers, and you would have no digital electronics. No computers. Because every bit of information in computing and digital communications is merely a binary: zero and one. Nothing and something. Being and doing.

A person who never knows nothing certainly needs to be Renaissanced then. Otherwise, he is still an antique. A medieval person living in post-postmodern era. A great retard.

But don’t confuse nothing with everything. If you think nothing is everything, you will be busy doing nothing. You will be lazy. The monks, the saints, and the entire priesthood are lazy people who keep nagging God for twenty-four hours a day — they must have killed that poor fellow! They don’t take responsibility for their own lives. They just extort people’s money in the name of God. They miss everything, because they renounce everything.

Nothing is not everything. It’s beyond everything. And why choose if you can have them both? Nothing and everything. Being and doing.

There is a story about Frank Sinatra.

One day he heard some philosopher said, “To be is to do.” And the other day, “To do is to be.” He didn’t bother. He kept singing, “Do be do be do.” Sinatra is smart. Be like Sinatra.

If you don’t cut nothing from everything and everything from nothing, if you don’t choose, you can have them both. You can sing like Sinatra. You don’t need to meditate anymore. You don’t need to pray — your life itself has become a prayer. It has become a song.