The Spirit Carries On

Nothing is not really something. It is not a thing. It is no-thing.

Mind understands everything and misses nothing. No-mind understands nothing and everything — it is beyond the mind.

To know nothing is to taste beyond every single thing. It is to taste beyond every single word you read here. My words are merely things. But the spaces I put between them — the silences — are what really matter. Without them, thesewordswillmakelesssense.

If you understand this, the only reason you understand that last sentence is that the typography still contains some white spaces among the alphabets. Without the spaces, without the silences, the lines will fall in shambles. They would not form any alphabet — there would be no alphabets, and you would understand nothing. No-mind appears.

If you try to understand my words with your mind, you will be tense. More tension means more mind. Then you will miss my point because I’m pointing at nothing. So relax! You cannot be tense when you have nothing to understand. I may use words, I may use things, but my words are of nothing. They are not of the mind. They are of no-mind.

To understand no-thing is to understand that the world is not merely things. There is “something” beyond everything, every single thing, which is not a thing. Nothing! Otherwise, we are all merely matters. We fall into materialism with or without denying it.

Materialism says that consciousness is an epiphenomenon. Kill the man, his consciousness disappears — his consciousness cannot exist without the body. It is completely dependent on the body. It has no reality on its own.

What is considered to be real by the materialists is the body. The body can be perceived by our senses. We can see it, touch it, feel it, therefore it exists. Consciousness cannot be perceived. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it, but it seems to appear. Therefore, it’s just an epiphenomenon. A by-product of the physical body. Destroy the body and you will find no consciousness appears.

Religions deny this because they have God to sell. The problem is God cannot be perceived. God is not a thing — God is nothing. But people do not want nothing. They want everything. So every religion has made every kind of God possible to human’s imagination. They define that God has names, God has laws, God is jealous, God is a girl, and so on. They are very creative. But their creativity is false because it’s merely reduction. They reduce God into everything — they reduce God into a thing! Religions are materialism in disguise.

Nothing is not everything. It is beyond everything. The only reason you can’t perceive consciousness is that it’s not an object. Objects can be seen, objects can be perceived. Consciousness is not the object — it is the subject. It is the seer. It is the perceiver.

Many people want to see God because they think God is an object — religions have taught them to think so. They are taught to think that God is somewhere in the universe, watching the Earth from heaven. So many people want to go to heaven, without realizing that the so-called heaven is just a metaphor.

The word “heaven” is rooted in Old English word “heofon”, meaning “sky”. That’s why people tend to look up when they think of heaven and God. That’s also why Lennon said “above us only sky” when he said there is no heaven. The whole idea of heaven is always outside because people never go deep inside themselves.

If people go deep enough into themselves, they are bound to find a vast sky inside. A sky that has no limit. A sky that never falls. A silent sky — it is inside you. You have never seen it because it’s always covered by many clouds of your idea. You never rise above that clouds because you keep falling to your unconsciousness — you are never conscious. Your so-called consciousness is just epiphenomenon.

Psychology cannot help you to rise above because its whole concern is to dig down into the subconsciousness. Psychologists start from the tip of their iceberg, down to the darkest part of humanity — they get lost down there. Their idea of helping people is only part of their insanity.

Rather than keep digging, start rising. Start being aware of your ideas and rise above your clouds. It may take some time because there are millions of clouds inside you — millions of ideas, emotions, sentiments that keep creating inner pressures in you. But the moment you start seeing gaps between those clouds — the moments of silence — you are just a few feet away from being home. All you need to do is keep being aware.

Once your clouds disappear, your mind disappears — no-mind appears. Consciousness is no longer an epiphenomenon. It has its own reality. The mind has died, and soon the body will die too, but consciousness never dies. It is beyond the death, because it is beyond the life. The spirit always carries on.

You may find nothing inside this text, you may find nothing outside this text — you may find nothing everywhere. But the real thing is to find nothing inside yourself. Unless you find it, you are still a thing. You may be a big shot, a great thing, everything — it doesn’t matter. The world could always use more of everything, because nothing really matters.