Totally Naked

If you need something to believe in, believe in nothing. There is nothing to believe in.

Everything always changes, nothing never changes. If you stick to something, you will be out of date. You will be obsolete. Your life will be full of antiques. It will be archaic.

Nothing never changes because nothing is always new. There is nothing new under the sun. Everything is just a remix of the old. Forms may change, but the basic essence remains the same.

God never changes because he is not everything — he is not a thing! He is no-thing. Even to call God “he” or “she” is very wrong. God is neither he, nor she, nor it. God is beyond everything. There is nothing beyond everything.

Karl Marx used to say, “De omnibus dubitandum.” Doubt everything — including this. You can doubt everything including this statement, and yet it’s still true. In fact, it is the fifth of noble truths, with the four being the Buddha’s words. Unless you doubt everything, you will never come to know that there is nothing beyond everything.

Doubt everything like the modern physicists doubt matters. They don’t stop dividing until they find nothing exists in subatomic level — everything is made of nothing! Nothing is everywhere. You can go to the beach and find God in the sands. You can go to the forest and find God in the trees. You can go inside and find God within yourself.

You can find nothing in everything, and you will find nothing outside everything. Nothing is beyond everything. It is infinitely small, it’s also infinitely big. It is the big and small zero in the Cartesian coordinate system. It is neither positive nor negative — it has no opposite. It precedes and succeeds all oppositions. It is alfa and omega. The first and the last. The beginning and the end. It itself is endless, because it has no beginning. It is enough unto itself.

Unless you are enough unto yourself, you are attached to everything. Everything won’t be enough because you miss nothing. You will keep seeking for everything, without realizing that nothing can satisfy you.

Seek for nothing, and everything will be added to you. The real seekers always start from themselves. You can’t start with the others because you don’t have the others. You only have yourself. That’s why Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” You can never love the others unless you start loving yourself.

You cannot love something without knowing it. You cannot love yourself unless you know yourself. “Know thyself!” Socrates said. You need to go inside.

You cannot find yourself outside. You are not your names, your religions, your professions, not everything — you are not a thing! You are no-thing. Things can be used, things can be bought. Nothing is useless. It is priceless. It is free. Unless you find your nothingness, your freedom can never be total. Your freedom will remain superficial.

Psychology cannot help you to find yourself. It can only give you false identities — that you are melancholic, choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, INTJ, ENTP, any psychological bullshit that would give you some existential drugs rather than the true knowledge.

Your real self is deeper than your psyche. That’s why you cannot go there with your therapist, your friends, your beloved. You can only go there alone because it’s truly deeply madly individual. It’s deeper than your personalities. It itself has no persona. It wears no masks. It’s always naked. Totally naked.

In Indonesia, we use the phrase “telanjang bulat” to refer to total nakedness. “Telanjang” means naked and “bulat” means round. It is not a coincidence that the numerical representation of nothing has a round symbol: 0. Zero. It’s also not a coincidence that the word “zero” came from an Arabic word “sifr”, meaning “beautiful”. Total nakedness is always beautiful. It is pure beauty. The only ugliness is everything we put to mask it — to hide it.

The moment a child was born, society had prepared many masks to hide every child’s beautiful nature. Parents had prepared a name. Religions had prepared a God. Psychology had prepared a personality. They make every child ugly. They make every child lost because lost persons are easy to be controlled — society had prepared a slavery. They taught every child to be positive, to be good. Some of them taught children to be negative, to be bad. But sometimes, it felt so good to be bad, and so bad to be good. They no longer know the difference. The whole society is lost.

Every child is born a zero. An innocent. But society crushes their innocence and replaces it with false idea of maturity, which is merely cunningness. People are so cunning to each other. They don’t truly love each other. Their idea of love is just the opposite of hate. They are hypocrites. You have to doubt them.

Doubt everything and start knowing. First, know yourself. Don’t bother about the other. If you know yourself, everything else will fall into line.